Tali’s Dream

The old woman sits at a loom in front of her hut with a light breeze only gently stirring her waist length white hair. Her pale blue eyes stay focused on her weaving with an attention as unwavering as usual until she hears the voices approaching through the village. “Then you are a liar! You…

Swan Song

***Originally posted 12/15/15*** In continuing the pattern of my last two blog posts I’m going to post another narrative poem, this one set in my primary fantasy world albeit on a continent far away from my usual setting.  I wrote this in high school, and have not edited it once.  So yeah, its really awful….

Demon Seed, Holy Land: the Better Edition

***Originally posted 12/8/15*** I didn’t mean to leave my blog neglected for 3 months, but I did.  About 2 months ago I finally found the more up to date, revised copy of “Demon Seed, Holy Land” that I had made years ago.  I’ve been meaning to post it ever since, but time gets away from me….

Demon Seed, Holy Land

***Originally posted 9/1/2015*** After my last post, I was struck by a bit of nostalgia.  More specifically to post up one of my earliest attempts at narrative poetry, which was also one of my last attempts due to my disdain for writing poetry.  I had begun to think it was lost entirely, but now I…