Magic Items

This is a growing list of magic items I’ve created for D&D 5e. Most of these are made for my home game, so as such I will only add an item to this list after it has been found and identified by my players. Also some items may have additional powers, and these will only be listed after a player has discovered/unlocked such a power.

You have full permission to use these items in your home game(why would I bother posting them if I wasn’t okay with such use?), but if referencing one online please link back to this post.

Thanks for taking the time to check them out, hope you enjoy them, and constructive feedback is always welcome.


Conch of Waterbreathing

Wondrous item, rare

This white and blue conch shell can be played as a musical instrument with bagpipes, flute, pan pipes, or shawm being potentially applicable proficiencies per DM’s discretion. This conch can be played underwater with no penalties.

In addition to being played as a mundane musical instrument, the Conch can be used to bestow water breathing on creatures. To use this ability you expend 1 charge and use an Action to play a long, loud note on the conch. When doing so you make a Constitution (Performance or musical instrument) check, and you gain Water Breathing for a number of hours equal to the check’s result.

The Conch has 7 charges, and if the last charge is used there is a 50% chance of a crack appearing on it. Each crack reduces the Conch’s maximum charges by 1. Once it has 3 or more cracks the check made while granting Water Breathing is made at Disadvantage. A Mending spell has no effect on the cracks, but a Fabricate spell repairs a single crack. The 7th crack makes the Conch lose all magic and shatter.

The Conch regains 1d4+1 charges each midnight.

It weighs 1 pound.


Incense of Freshness

Wondrous item, common

This looks like a normal stick of incense, and usually comes in a box of 1d100 sticks.

When lit, a stick burns for 24 hours, and the air within 100′ always smells fresh and clean. This effect does not remove toxins or disease, it merely changes the smell of the air.

100 sticks weigh 1 pound.


Soap of Cleansing

Wondrous item, rare, uncommon, or common

Made in a variety of sizes and shapes, this soap usually has some decorative fringes or carved aspect to it (leaves, fish, etc). Under normal use this soap never runs out or diminishes.

While bathing a character using the soap can expend charges to gain the benefits of 1 or more of the following spell effects: Lesser Restoration for 1 charge; Freedom of Movement for 2 charges; or Greater Restoration for 3 charges.

A rare version has 100 charges when created, an uncommon version has 20 charges when created, and a common version has 3 charges when created. Every expended charge uses up a proportional amount of the soap. Charges cannot be regained.

Usually weighs 0.01 pound per charge remaining.


Towel of Drying

Wondrous item, common

This towel is not unlike most towels in appearance, though it is usually embellished with decorative fringes or embroidery pleasing to its creator. This towel remains dry no matter how much it is used. By using an Action to run the towel over a creature or object, you remove all excess moisture from it and anything wearing, but not items held in containers on the creature or object.

It weighs 1/2 pound.

*Note: Due to player inventiveness I was introduced to a new potential function of the towel, which can be allowed or disallowed per DM discretion(I allowed it because of the unconventional thinking involved). When the towel is used to dry a creature made of water, such as a Water Elemental or Water Weird, it deals damage to the creature. This starts at 1d4 and grows by 1d4 every round after the first during which the drying is maintained, up to a maximum of 4d4 at round 4 and beyond. Forcefully drying a creature is handled using the Grappling rules on page 196 of the Players Handbook.


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