Demon Seed, Holy Land: the Better Edition

***Originally posted 12/8/15***

I didn’t mean to leave my blog neglected for 3 months, but I did.  About 2 months ago I finally found the more up to date, revised copy of “Demon Seed, Holy Land” that I had made years ago.  I’ve been meaning to post it ever since, but time gets away from me.

Before I post it though, I thought I would talk slightly on it.  First, it doesn’t take place on the same world that most of my other stories such as my book “Exile, Magus” do.  Instead it takes place on a sort of sister world to that one.  While not within the same solar system or even local neighborhood (sort of across the galaxy really) as my main world, the two are linked by a series of portals.  In the time before this poem the travel between the two worlds wasn’t common, but it wasn’t exactly uncommon either.  After the events of this poem (or more specifically this poem’s unwritten sequel telling of the Demon Gods’ Invasion) those portals where sealed to prevent the evils of this sister world, now renamed Darkhaven, from once again spilling over into the main world (Moarugecia – pronounced Moe-ar-ooo-ghee-shee-ah).

That’s all the background I’m going to weigh you down with.  Enjoy, and feel free to compare with the previous posting of the poem’s original version and provide any critique you wish to.


Vagabond army marched,

Thunder rolled with each heel,

On up to the fortress hill

Where they’d kill the Fool King.


Bloody thousands arose,

Slaughter of one they chose.

Northward a hundred miles

Was their choice to defile.


They moved through bergs and towns

Slowed by rape and pillage,

As in every village

They spread their Demonseed.

Common men hurled curses.

Soldiers filled their purses.

The bloody eyed listers

Pacified resisters.

The clash of steel on steel

Could not over thunder

Their river of murder,

Nor their year of evil.

Blood flowed free through the land

That’s now covered with sand.

Ages after their march

The evil remains large.

The bloody months surge on

As the army battle

Countless foes and rabble.

All this for their coffers.

Men went with the reaper

On down to the river.

The army nearly dead,

The Demonseed still spread.

Capitulating priests,

Reluctant to go dance,

Observed and saw their chance,

And moved to end these sins.

High Clergy ordered in

The Lords and Paladins

To lead their retinues,

And give sinners their dues.

Flanked by these shining knights,

Cutthroats begged for mercy,

Luring to heresy

Knight Lords by way of gold.

When this news reached Clergy

It roused dark energy

And talk of actions bold,

‘Til the halls filled with gold.

The High Priests moved forward

To guard their Holy Land

By sanctioning this band

To spread their Demonseed.

The newly holy force

Would hold true to its course

Forward through many foes

In this half year of woes.

Divinely strengthened troops

Marched through the Holy Land

Destroying many bands

Of the righteous rabble.

Even holy knights mate

Amidst these fields of rape,

Spreading to the Fool’s Land

Demon Seed, Holy Land.

These honorable men

To the honor of sin.

On to ultimate end

Was where their path would bend.

Day would soon fade to night,

But the hill was in sight.

When the moon took the sky,

King Cirdresse would soon die.

Night’s darkness had fallen

Upon the hill fortress

Of the Fool King, Cirdresse,

Before the armies climbed.

Armored horses and men

Rushed to loudly ascend.

King at the top sat and

Laughed at the Holy Land.

Welcomed by no defense

Against inward approach,

The Lords led to encroach

And were doomed to be damned.

The door lay wide open

As armies entered in.

The floor broke from its shell,

And the Lords fell to Hell.

Knights barely moved ahead,

Gaze down at those who led,

Fearing their Demon Seed

And cursing the Holy Land.

Guarding against a fall

Where the knights strong and tall.

Up the stairs they deployed

Straight up into the Void.

The remaining soldiers

Cut off from a retreat

Moved on against defeat

To bow before Cirdresse.

These vagabonds cowered

As the Fool King glowered

And heard loyal promise

Of eternal service.

So the defeated men

Lay pledging allegiance

Before their new Highness,

Fearing Demon Seed’s nest.

Accepting this pledge,

Cirdresse rose from his ledge

And roused up his horses

To carry his forces.

Now Cirdresse’s army

Of past enemies rode

Along as Fool King strode

Out to the nearest town.

Surrounding their new king

Armies began heading

Close to the central seat,

Holy Land, Demon Seed.

Angry, curious stares

Came forth from the rabble.

Unsure was the babble

That arose at this sight.

On the Great Fool King led

Armies to centerbed,

Where the power did rest.

Demon Seed’s marble nest.

Angry rabble attacked,

Pinning armies down,

And they placed their gold crown

Upon Cirdresse’s brow.

These fools pledged allegiance

To the King of Vengeance,

And so the Great Fool King

Cirdresse’s reign begins.

Blood soon filled all the streets

As soldiers lives were spent

To seal this agreement

Between ruler and ruled.

Sacrifices all made,

Rabble’s fury allayed,

They turned to the mandate

Of Lord to desecrate.

The clergy were all killed

And their churches were burned.

With this done, Cirdresse turned

To gaze upon his realm.

As he addressed his flock,

Cirdresse removed his frock

And revealed what’s within

As he peeled back his skin.

The mutilation done

He let his skin hang low,

As he prepared to sow

Fertilized Demon Seed.

The Demon King had freed

On all his Demon Seed

For the time was at hand

To corrupt Holy Land.

The pledged ones tried to run

From hasty oaths taken,

Their honor forsaken

As their Lord laid his claim.

Their flight was all for naught

As the Demon Seeds caught

And fed upon the souls

Of all in the King’s fold.

Their Demon Seeds devoured

All that these folk once were,

And then began to stir

A darkness over all.

From good men corrupted

Countless fiends erupted

To play in the twilight

Before eternal night.

Monsters roam and frolick

With sinful abandon

At the death of the sun

Under new crimson moon.

Thus the Demon King won

Darkhaven with no sun

With his own Demon Strand

In this new Holy Land.


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