Demon Seed, Holy Land

***Originally posted 9/1/2015***

After my last post, I was struck by a bit of nostalgia.  More specifically to post up one of my earliest attempts at narrative poetry, which was also one of my last attempts due to my disdain for writing poetry.  I had begun to think it was lost entirely, but now I have finally managed to find it.  Unfortunately I didn’t find the more recent edit I did of it, so I’m going to have to subject you to what I have rediscovered on its decay-yellowed notebook paper.

This was written in roughly an hour starting just before midnight on 1/31/1998 and ending sometime after midnight on what would then technically be 2/1/1998.  There’s too much of a Druid in me to not try to eternally preserve something made during such a transitional time frame, because surely it must be sacred as a result.  Anyway, just see if you can endure the droning narrative poetry of my 15 year old self who obviously had a love for echoing verses(seriously, I used the echoing voices things a few times in my non-narrative poetry of that period as well), not the mention the half-assed attempts at rhyming.

The armies marched,

Thunder at their heels,

Up to the fortress hill.

They would kill the Fool King.


The thousands arose,

Slaughter of one they chose.

North a hundred miles

Was their choice to defile.


Through bergs and towns

They raped and pillaged.

Through every last village

They spread their Demon Seed.


The populace cursed

Good and noble armies.

Murderous soldiers

Pacified the countless.


The clash of steel

Won’t overthunder

Their river of murder,

Nor the years of evil.


Blood flowed through the land

That’s now covered with sand.

Still after their march

The evil remains large.


As the years passed,

The armies battled

Countless foes and rabble.

All this for their honor.


Honorable men

To the honor of sin,

The ultimate end,

Was where their paths would bend.


As soldiers died

And joined the river,

The army grew weaker,

The Demon Seed still spread.


 The blasphemous priests

Desecrated deceased.

They had seen the chance,

And would begin their fight.


Clergy sent forth

Knights and paladins

Before armies of sins

To join and rule soldiers.


The churches began

To guard their Holy Land

By taking the lead

To spread the Demon Seed.


Reinforced troops

In the Holy Land

Destroyed many a band

Of the righteous rabble.


The holy armies

Would face many furies

In their year long march

To the Fool King’s fortress.


Paladins mate

With scores of the raped,

Spreading up to the hill

Demon Seed, Holy Land.


The sun would soon set,

But the hill was in sight.

The moon took the sky.

King Cirdresse would soon die.

Darkness had fell

On the hill fortress

Of the Fool King, Cirdresse,

Before the armies climbed.

The horses and men

Crashed up to the hilltop.

King in tower top

Laughed at the Holy Land.


The door lay wide.

As armies entered,

The harsh stone floor splintered.

Paladins fell to Hell.


Welcomed by no guard

Against approach inward

The paladins led,

And were doomed to be damned.


Knights ascended,

Feared the Demon Seed,

And cursed the Holy Land

Before falling always.


Avoiding a fall

Were the knights strong and tall.

They ran up the stairs

And into Hell’s Great Void.


Soldiers cowered

As the Great Fool King

Heard loyal promising

Of forever service.


The defeated men

Lay pledging allegiance

To Fool King, Cirdresse,

Fearing Demon Seed’s Nest.


Cirdresse’s armies

Of former foes marched,

The Fool King escorted,

Out to the closest town.

Surrounding their King,

Armies began heading

Close to the cenral

Holy Land, Demon Seed.

Curious stares

Poured from the rabble.

Armies lay on marble

Which created the floor.

The Great Fool King led

Armies to the centerbed

Of the Holy Land.

Demon Seed’s marble nest.

Rabble attacked

Pinning armies down,

As they placed their gold crown

Upon Cirdresse’s brow.

Fools pledged allegiance

To the King of Penance,

And the Great Fool King,

Cirdresse’s reign began.


Clergy were killed,

Their churches were burned,

And then Cirdresse removed

His robes and all below.

The order of King

Was to kill old ruling,

And desecrate all

That was the Holy Land.

His robes removed

He ripped off his skin.

The Demon Seeds within

Prepared to fertilize.

The Dark God exposed

To all his Demon Seeds.

The time had arrived

To corrupt Holy Land.

The pledged ones ran

As the Demon King

Started into claiming

What had been pledged to him.

All the Demon Seeds

Fertilized those that pledged

To the Demon King

Their very existence.

Their Demon Seeds

Took all that they were.

The Holy Land would stir

As food and Darkhaven.


The Demon King won

Darkhaven with no sun,

Fertile Demon Seeds

In the new Holy Land.

Now if I could only find the version from a few years back where I had tried to fix all the problems with that original piece up there.  Ah well, that’s all I’ve got for toda


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